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Pure - Natural Geothermal Silica Mineral Supplement | No additives | Preservatives Free | pH 8,5

  • Silica is the most abundant trace mineral in nature. It is an essential ingredient that is present in our bone structure, skin, hair, nails, lubrication of joints and regeneration of cellular tissues. Minerals and vitamins are essential for our body and its normal functionality.
  • Whilst the body produces some vitamins, on its own, it is unable to produce minerals, which includes Silica / Silicon. As we age we may not receive sufficient Silica in our food intake, hence the need to supplement with orthosilicic Silica on a daily basis. You need to take just one spoonful each day.
  • The 300 ml bottle is a nutritional supplement that is one month’s supply. When taken daily you will probably notice a difference with nails and hair after about 30 days. By supplementing with silica daily it may help offset the decline in collagen.
  • As shown in scientific studies Silica contributes to the formation of collagen in the body. Rather than take collagen itself, it is better for the body to produce its own collagen balance with a daily GeoSilica intake.
  • NUTRITIONAL FACTS - Recommended Daily Amount (RDA )1 tablespoon (10 ml daily) in the mouth or added to a glass of water. 30 servings per bottle. Mineral content per serving: Silicon 200 mg / 10 ml. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. INGREDIENTS: Natural Colloidal silica in pure Icelandic water.

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