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Kyolic Moducare® Immune System Support Grape -- 60 Chewable Tablets

New! Grape Flavor Chewable
Restores, Strengthens and Balances Your Immune System


The Immune System, Your Miraculous Healing Machine: The human body contains a miraculous healing machine called the immune system. Made up of microscopic cells, the immune system identified, attacks and destroys disease-causing invaders and abnormal or infected cells. The immune system is key to defending you from parasites, bacteria and toxins. The immune system also plays a significant role in helping prevent or reduce the effects of various diseases and so much more.
Keeping It In Balance:

A compromised immune system can hinder your body's ability to guard against disease and toxins. moducare taken daily, will restore, strengthen and balance your immune system.



As a dietary supplement, chew one tablet 3 times daily or two tablets upon arising and one tablet before bed. For best results, take between meals.
Children Under 5 - 1 tablet per day
Children 5 to 12 - 2 tablets per day
Children over 12 - Adult dose
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