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kyolic Omega Odorless fish oil softgels

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Kyolic Omeg-AGE 90 softgels by Wakunaga is an immune, bone, and heart health multi supplement. It combines garlic extract, omega-3, and vitamins in a three softgel a day formula.

Omega-3s are healthy fats from fish oil that provide numerous benefits to the body. They help reduce inflammation and lower triglyceride levels to protect the heart while boosting mental wellbeing. Garlic helps boost the immune system, protects cells from free radical damage, and reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. Vitamin k regulates the calcium in the blood and supports bone growth. Vitamin D helps the body absorb and keep phosphorus and calcium, which maintain bone strength. Vitamin E helps the body fight off infections and boost all-around immune defenses. B6 and b12 protect heart health and assist with keeping bones from growing fragile.

Wakunaga Kyolic Omeg-AGE 90 softgels provides bone, heart, and immune health support.

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