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Vibrant Health, Maximum Vibrance, Vegan-Friendly Meal Shake, Vanilla Bean, 10 Packets

  • FUTURE OF NUTRITION: Maximum Vibrance provides the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need, flavors you'll enjoy, and helps unlock the energy to conquer the day
  • RETHINK FOOD: Imagine a formula complete with your plant-based protein, organic multivitamin, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to maximize nutrient absorption and support peak performance
  • EASY EATING: Maximum Vibrance is an easy-to-mix shake powder capable of turning your drink into a meal
  • TASTE THE FUTURE: One scoop for a healthy snack, two for a nutritious meal, and faster and healthier than any drive-through. Plus, it comes in Chocolate Chunk or Vanilla Bean
  • TRUTH, TRUST, AND TRANSPARENCY: You deserve to know exactly what's in your supplement, that's why we list every last ingredient

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