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Natural Factors - Double Strength Zymactive® Proteolytic Enzyme with 200 mg Pancreatin 30 TAB

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About the product
  • ENZYME SUPPORT: Zymactive Proteolytic Enzyme Double Strength helps the body's natural inflammatory response and immune system to support healthy muscles and joints.
  • BEST IN MODERATION: Our blend of enzymes supports your natural inflammatory response to help joints bend and move comfortably.
  • BELLYFUL OF BENEFITS: Immunity and gut health are connected. The enzymes in our formula help cultivate a healthy environment in the gut to provide systemic support.
  • TWICE DAILY: An enteric coating protects each tablet to help ensure the formula survives the digestive system intact.
  • OUR PRIVILEGE, OUR PASSION: Natural Factors is in business to sustainably contribute to the lives of our customers and communities we serve.

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