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New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter, 1 Filter

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New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter

  • Maximum Protection
  • Powerful!
  • Removes Major Contaminants Well Below Even the EPA's Strictest Requirements.

There's 300 five-gallon bottles in every 10-Stage filter!That means eleven 8 oz. glasses a day all year for each member of a household of six! You'll have an instant supply of fresh filtered water all year long. And 10-Stage replacement filters cost only about 4 cents a gallon, that's about 1/4th the cost of all of the other quality national brands.


Safe, pure, good tasting water is important for more than just drinking.

  • Makes your coffee, tea and juice drinks safe and bright tasting. Boiling can help make your water safer, but it doesn't remove the chlorine. The 10-Stage does both.
  • The ideal and economical way to rinse away the pesticides and the contaminants from all your fresh produce.
  • Perfect for pasta cooking and pasta rinsing. In fact, all your cooking will benefit from clean, fresh, 10-Stage water for the best taste.
  • Treat your pets to pure, good tasting water and give your delicate fish friends a happy, chlorine free home.

10-Stages of Patented Premium Filter Protection From:

Lead, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Floating Solids, Asbestos, Pesticides, Herbicides, Chlorine, Trihalomethanes, PBC's, Organic Arsenic and Mercury...And it is Bacteriostatic!

  • Stage 1: A 30 micron filter pad.-- Traps larger solids (sediments) such as rust.
  • Stage 2: 8 ounces of KDF-55, this is a patented alloy that removes free chlorine and some heavy metals.-- It prolongs the life of the filter and is an excellent Bacteriostat.
  • Stage 3: A 10 micron filter pad.-- Removes smaller floating solids and separates the layers to preserve their integrity.
  • Stage 4: 30 cubic inches of ultra fine mesh coconut shell activated carbon.-- Carbon has long been accepted by the EPA and other water experts as the premier, cost effective way to remove chlorine, bad odor, and color from drinking water. Carbon also removes other organic contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, organic arsenic and mercury and trihalomethanes.
  • Stage 5: 1 10 micron filter pad.-- For fine sediment removal.
  • Stage 6: 1.3 oz. of Cation exchange resin.-- This resin has an exceptional affinity for lead, and therefore removes lead to below minimum standards.
  • Stage 7: A thirty micron filter pad-- Provides an additional buffer against floating sediment of any kind.
  • Stage 8: 3.5 oz. ultra fine G.A.C.-- This has long been accepted by the EPA and others as the premier cost effective way to remove chlorine, bad odor, and color from drinking water. G.A.C. also removes organic contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, and trihalomethanes.
  • Stage 9: 2 oz. of calcite.-- Calcite balances the water's pH to neutral. When the water is highly acidic, calcite lowers the acidity and increases alkalinity, which many nutritionists recommend. When the water is too alkaline, calcite lowers the pH to neutral.
  • Stage 10: a one micron filter-- Removes any remaining floating particles and creates a solid barrier against organisms larger than 1 micron such as cysts and protozoa (causes giardia and cryptosporidium) and gives the filtered water a sparkling clarity.

No plumbing is required. It attaches to standard faucets in seconds.

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