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Vibrant Health Digestive Greens for Dogs & Cats 7.41 oz 210 g

Product Details

  • Brand: Vibrant Health
  • Product Code: digestive-greens-dogs-cats-VBH
  • Servings per Container: 30
  • Quantity per Container: 7.41 Oz

Antioxidant Protection & Digestive Support for Pets

For many people, cats and dogs are considered part of the family. As such, it's important to ensure they're taken care of--and that means getting the proper nutrition to maintain an optimal level of health and wellness. Our furry friends need antioxidant and digestive support just as much as we do, and if you've been searching for a way to offer that to your cats or dogs, Vibrant Health can help.

Digestive Greens + Probiotics for Dogs & Cats is a powdered dietary supplement for cats and dogs that delivers probiotics, greens, antioxidants and fiber to provide multi-faceted overall health support.

Product Features:

  • Helps support and maintain healthy energy levels and overall digestive health and function
  • 7 Billion CFU targeted probiotics from 7 strains to support your pet's digestion, immunity and gut health.
  • Provides fiber, as well as antioxidant protection
  • Healthy greens including parsley, barley, spinach, oat grass, wheat grass, pumpkin and butternut squash
  • Grain-free
  • Certified Organic ingredients and made in the USA

Vibrant Health's Digestive Greens for Dogs & Cats offers a convenient way to support and maintain the overall health of your pets. Just sprinkle a small amount over your pet's food at meal times--they'll love the taste! Keeping your cat or dog healthy and energized has never been easier.

Order Digestive Greens for Dogs & Cats today, and see the difference it may be able to make in the overall health and wellness of your pets.

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