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Zade Vital Sambucus Elderberry Capsule with Zinc - Vitamin C, Immune System Booster, Zinc Supplement, 15 Vegetable Hard Capsules, Non GMO, Kosher, Halal, GMP, 1-2 Weeks Supply, Immune Support

About this item

  • PRESERVE NATURE’S BEST: The difference is in the power of the Zade Vital herb: produced under GMP standards, to preserve natural minerals, vitamins, and benefits found in the black elderberry, which Sambucus is derived from.
  • IMMUNE BOOSTER: Sambucus acts as an immune booster and helps the immune system fight off colds. When paired with Elderberry capsules, these effects can be amplified and give you the protection you need against yearly winter germs.Immune support
  • ENRICHED FORMULA: The Zade Vital Sambucus Elderberry formula is specially enriched with Vitamin C and Zinc which also have immune-supporting benefits. Two crucial vitamins and minerals that can help the immune system booster.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS: Zade Vital Sambucus Elderberry capsules were specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients to promote immune support and a healthy immune system. Non-GMO, 3rd Party Tested, Kosher & Halal, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian.
  • PACKAGING: Package name also written in Braille.

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