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Solaray SharpMind Sleep, 30 Caps

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Rest easy: This nootropic formula promotes a calm mood and relaxed mind for a healthy sleep cycle.*

  • An expert mushroom and herbal blend formulated to support healthy sleep*
  • With 120 mg of clinically backed Shoden® Ashwagandha, researched to support restorative sleep*
  • Formulated with a 3 mg extended-release Melatonin blend to promote restful sleep throughout the night*
  • Includes 250 mg of L-glycine to support a relaxed mind plus 200 mg of organic, US-grown fermented Reishi mushroom to support a calm, peaceful mood*
  • Fast-acting, powerful cognitive support in just 1 convenient capsule per day*
  • Lab-verified, gluten-free, and vegan 

With SharpMind Sleep, a good night’s rest doesn’t have to be just a dream. This powerful nootropic supplement delivers a synergistic formula of only the highest-quality, most efficacious ingredients, chosen for their ability to promote calm and relaxation and offer targeted support for a healthy sleep cycle.* Shoden® Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herbal extract clinically researched to support restorative sleep.*

Similarly, Melatonin is used to encourage and sustain rest; we include an extended-release blend to help you stay asleep all night long.* The amino acid L-glycine and fermented organic Reishi mushroom promote a quiet mind and peaceful mood, further setting the stage for better sleep.* Why fermented Reishi? The fermentation process aids in nutrient absorption and increases the production of antioxidants. What’s more, we source mushrooms grown on gluten-free organic oats, which are high in beneficial beta glucans. Be Sharper. Live Brighter.

Shoden is a registered trademark of Arjuna Natural Pvt. Ltd.

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