Solaray  -St. John's Wort Aerial Extract, One Daily 60ct
Solaray  -St. John's Wort Aerial Extract, One Daily 60ct

Solaray -St. John's Wort Aerial Extract, One Daily 60ct

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Originally native to Europe, the use of the yellow flowered plant called St. John's Wort dates back more than 2000 years to Hippocrates. Solaray St. Johns Wort provides 900 mg of St. Johns Wort Aerial Extract in one tablet and is standardized to contain .3% hypericin. Daily supplementation may help boost levels of serotonin in the brain and provide support for brain health, mood, and feelings of general well being.

St. Johns Wort One Daily supplement is non-GMO, vegan and lab verified for identity, potency, and purity. Each ingredient has been inspected in a state-of-the-art laboratory, and tested for heavy metals, microbes, bacteria, herbicides, pesticides and major allergens. You can rest assured every batch meets the highest-quality standard because you deserve the best.

Feel the difference of our St. Johns Wort Aerial Extract One Daily!
  • Wellbeing: St. Johns Wort dates back 2000+ years as a support for a general sense of wellbeing
  • Once Daily: One 900mg tablet may help support healthy brain function and mood
  • Stabilizing: Part of a healthy regimen to help support mood fluctuations during periods of change
  • Trusted Brand: Trusted Solaray brand; non-GMO, Vegan & Lab-Verified
  • Customers Say: ...I have to say I am very pleased with the results

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