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The Food Movement- Fulvic Pom- 60vcaps

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The Combination of Fulvic acid and Pomegranate is a novel one. Two naturally existing nutrient dense gifts from nature combine into one truely powerful product. Combining the antioxidant profile of pomegrates with the potent detoxifying power of fulvic acid all supported in a Humic Acid Trace Mineral matrix ensuring delivery to every cell of your body.

CONTAINS POMEGRANATE - Only high quality antioxiodant rich pomegranates are used in Fulvic Pom. The pomegranates are very rich in antioxidants called Punicalagins known for their immune boosting and cardio protective benefits.
CONTAINS FULVIC ACID - Whole Earth Silver is composed of both both humic acid and the higher molecular-weight humate fulvic acid. Fulvic Acid is a super charged mineral blend found in Humic Acid, with unique health benefits.
CONTAINS TRACE MINERALS - Trace minerals are incredibly important minerals that our bodies require small amounts of to maintain healthy biologic functions. Humic acid is an important mineral compound consisting of over 70 trace minerals.
SCIENCE DRIVEN - Fulvic Pom is manufactured to maximize the full effects that Pomegranate and Fulvic Acid offer.
HIGHEST QUALITY – Only high quality pomegranates are used and Only PREMIUM humic acid deposits are used in our products to ensure the highest levels of Humic Fulvic Acids are present. No filler minerals are added to change the ph range. We do not use any harsh solvents in the process All of our products are tested to ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used.

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