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The Food Movement - One Maca - 8 oz

One Maca is a blend of Red, Black, and Yellow Maca roots.  This unique blend has been organically grown in the high elevation areas of Peru.  Once harvested the maca is processed using low temperature drying to keep all of the active constituents intact.  

Maca is a tuber that grows in areas of Peru, and has long been cherished for it's benefits for sexual health and whole body balancing.  Ancient Peruvian warriors would consume Maca prior to battle because of it's energy promoting benefits.  The Spanish conquistadors fed Maca to their horses to help them breed.

Modern science shows Maca has a dramatic impact on our overall well being, including maintaining a balanced endocrine system.  Maca is an incredibly beneficial adapatagen that can help you deal with the stress of modern day life.   Research continues to show that Maca is a superfood that should be included in everyones diet.

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