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Source Naturals, Top 10 Healers, Power Nutrition for Wellness, 120 Tablets


  • Dietary Supplement

Top 10 Healers delivers in one product 10 of the most well-researched and most critical nutrients and botanicals that are not usually found in daily multivitamins. This formula provides significant potency support to nine of the key body systems central to our SystemiCare model for health and life-long wellness. These include antioxidant defense, heart, brain, liver & detox, immune, energy, blood sugar, cells/DNA, and healthy inflammatory response¹.

¹Not all inflammation is associated with disease states. Inflammation is also the body's healthy immune response to life's normal stressors such as strenuous exercise or an occasional high-fat/high-calorie meal. The body's inflammation response to life's occasional, normal stressors is important for optimal health.

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